Advising Parents

“My child is frustrated. She does not like school. She feels stupid.” These are words Jane Snider hears over and over again. Says one parent:

Dear Dr. Snider,
I wanted to reach out and thank you for taking the time last year to provide us with so much great information and options regarding the best direction for my daughter's education. You helped so much with the specifics of the questions I needed to ask each school and gave me a much broader view of finding the best situation for her. After sorting through all the options we decided it was best to move to another school district to receive better services. Your recommendations guided the counselors, and special education teachers. Thank you, she is succeeding now.
(Parent, Boston, MA)

Says Dr. Snider: "When I work with a family, I am persistent and thorough. Some call me relentless. It is the child for whom I advocate or search for the perfect school. Until we find solutions, I do not let go. I want the parents relieved and the child able to succeed. After all, that’s why I became a teacher."