Partnering with Leaders

Mentoring New Heads:

Transitions in schools and nonprofits are difficult. An organization had adapted to a particular leadership style, The challenge for a new head is developing trust relationships with all stakeholders, and the board of trustees, in order to succeed. The role of a Head or Director is multidimensional. The wisest decision a board can make is to hire an experienced leader to mentor the new person. Jane Snider has mentored new school leaders and new directors of nonprofits. Her passion for helping new leaders to maintain the balance between the organization’s needs and the board’s needs, from her own experiences, has proven to be an important skill.

I feel fortunate to have benefitted from Jane Snider’s mentorship during my first years as Head of School. Our sessions were purposeful and relevant to my school’s unique needs and opportunities. Jane’s mentees quickly learn to trust her judgment and her wisdom and apply her salient insights when strengthening their own organization.
(Jamey Hein, Head of School, Maryland)

Creating Fundraising Programs:

Your organization needs to raise funds for projects or to support the bottom line. Heads-Up Consultants will help you answer questions like:

  • What role does our board have in fundraising? 
  • How do we develop goals and objectives to raise funds? 
  • How do we organize a successful campaign?

There are those rare individuals you meet that change the way you look at things and fill you with the desire to make a difference – to go above and beyond. This is the category that Jane Snider would fall in for anyone who has met her. Indeed, Jane Snider would be one of the first people I would contact for assistance with organizational and board needs as well as refining programs in academic environments. She is truly an individual whose talents can help others reach their goals, attain their missions, and fulfill their dreams.
(Kristen Riggin Fleckenstein, Past President of Board for a start-up school for children with special needs)